Anonymous Matthias Claudius/Hauch said...

Sig månen langsomt hæver
den gyldne stjerne svæver
på himlen klar og blid;
vor skov er tavs og stille,
og hvide tåger spille
på engen rundt ved aftenstid.

25 februar, 2008  
Anonymous J.D. McClatchy said...

"Here in bed, through the south window I can see the moon watching us both, Someone’s hand around its clump of light.

Yours? I know you are sitting out there, Looking at silver bloom against black.

That drop from your cup on the night sky’s Lacquer you wipe away with your sleeve

As if its pleated thickets were the wide space Between us, though you know as well as I do

This autumn is no different from the last."

27 februar, 2008  

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