Mrs. McWillie never scared us into grammar, of course. It was my first-year Latin teacher in high school who made me discover I'd fallen in love with it. It took Latin to thrust me into bona fide alliance with words in their true meaning. Learning Latin (once I was free of Caesar) fed my love for words upon words, words in continuation and modification, and the beautiful, sober, accretion of a sentence. I could see the achieved sentence finally standing there, as real, intact and built to stay as the Mississippi State Capitol at the top of my street, where I could walk through it on my way to school and hear underfoot the echo of its marble floor, and over me the bell of its rotunda.
One Writer's Beginnings Eudora Welty


Blogger Harald Voetmann said...

Hvor fint! Men Cæsars sætninger er nu også smukke, til en pris af ca 1000 døde gallere pr absolut ablativ.

19 marts, 2009  

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