John Mortimer er død. Manden bag Rumpole og en hel del andet - bl.a. erindringsbogen med titlen Murderers and Other Friends, hvorom NYT bl.a. skrev: "John Mortimer has drawn up an amiable codicil to his 1982 autobiography, "Clinging to the Wreckage," and he doesn't for a moment seem to believe that it will be read by anyone but old friends."


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He found a macabre fascination in the pattern of bloodstains,

17 januar, 2009  
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An irony of his leadership of the anti-censorship movement was his profound belief that anything at all should be capable of being said about sex, coupled with his own reluctance to deal in his work with anything other than its consequence. Sex was an amusing but bemusing fact of life: "The whole business has been overestimated by the poets."

17 januar, 2009  
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18 januar, 2009  

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